Gas, hiker, gas!

I’ve been scared to death of all fire-related things so a Trangia with the little container of lighter fluid has suited me just fine. But since I’m facing 100 nights outdoors and a nearly equal amount of cold mornings, I decided it was time to try something a bit faster. It was a bit of trial and error. Again. We tested a bunch of gas stoves in the wilderness huts of Lapland so I had gained some confidence in that field.

So I bought a gas burner for our Trangia. They’re available all around, mostly in larger sports/camping stores and your local malls. There are a huge variety of brands available but I wanted the one specifically for Trangia. I suppose I’m a bit brand loyal in this case. Before making a purchase, you should do at least a little scouting for prices. I didn’t and found out that the very same burner was 10 euros cheaper some place else. But I needed one now, so..

Another obstacle was with the canisters. Everything the canister fits, is ok is not a very good way of finding the right one. I’m still not sure whether I have the correct burner but hey, it works, so I guess I’m fine. If you have more experience with these, feel free to comment and recommend something that is better or cheaper of doesn’t explode eventually. The caps on all the canisters at the store had a tear in them which didn’t help with my lack of confidence at all. But the cap is merely there to protect the canister from water and stuff. I could see it already: the gas slowly fills the car and I pass out and drive us off a cliff and everything blows up!

Did I mention I’m a wee bit nervous about gas?

The best motivator with all purchases is urgency and as it happenes, we were still unpacking the thing as pancake batter was waiting its turn. These directions helped. I felt so stupid because even though the whole apparatus seemed extremely simple, it didn’t come with any sort of instructions. The thing just wouldn’t fit through the other thing! This was before I realized the tube needs to go through first. Apparently, computer stuff is not the only thing I’m prone to lose my mind with. If you end up buying a gas burner, read this blog first and seem superior to your fellow travelers. So, tube first and place the burner where the lighter fluid container usually goes.

Our first attempt at boiling water and making pancakes was just that, an attempt. I was afraid to give it enough gas and when I wasn’t, I was afraid it was too much. My second attempt went monumentally better and on the third try I wasn’t scared anymore – which backfired (haha) and I almost burned my fingers…and eyebrows and hair. Don’t bow down over the flame. Just sayin’. Remember to be careful!

Rinkkaputki blog is slowly transitioning to modern age! First we upgraded our tube backpacks and now we’re able to boil water in three minutes and not twenty! Progress, people!


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