Family trip to Nyrölä

The featured image by Jukka Turkia.

We revisited the Nyrölä Nature Trail in July. We debated between that and Leivonmäki National Park but the threat of rain was enough to make us choose the Trail.

The whole thing started from my godson’s request to join us in Spring. So we took their entire family with! So it was one excited teen, another less excited one, two adults who hadn’t done much hiking and us, the novice hikers.

Getting all the stuff from point A to B was difficult because not all of us had tube backpacks. So we decided to take the short way there, which was 1,2 kilometers. Spending the night in a lean-to doesn’t require any heavy-duty equipment but everyone needs to carry their own sleeping bags, pads and foods. Not to mention water for the whole gang. I wouldn’t drink the water straight from the lake. Boiling is the answer but it doesn’t fix the color or the taste. Extra weight was provided by the pool toys which aren’t included in your traditional hiking gear but they were a lot of fun!

On our way there we passed another group who were also headed for the Island. We had just eaten so we focused on swimming and setting up our camp. Because the Island has two lean-tos side by side, it was easy to split them up one for each family. The teens took Heikki’s advice and started hunting for Pokémons. The game has no respect for nature and there were two Pokéstops on the island and a gym near the pier. We also witnessed how the teens walked voluntarily around the island for the 5 km eggs.

The diet of the weekend consisted of sausages, marshmallows and crepes. Sure, we had proper outdoor meals with us but you know, crepes!

We found this “just add water” type of pancake mix from the store. That plus chocolate spread was a winning combination over the regular strawberry jam. None of us had made crepes over a pan this size but thank god for the internet, right? The only challenge was to maintain the required heat level. But we were okay with eating pale crepes every now and then.

It was a warm yet humid night so we had a lot of stuff to put up to dry once we got home. It was easy to place a bug-net (in other words, our hammock) at the doorway but for our quests it was a little more difficult. So they hung theirs above their respective beds.

So thank you so much to the village association of Nyrölä for this lovely spot. I hope you’ll keep having the energy and resources to keep this place in tip top shape forever! We volunteer for renovations if any are necessary!

As soon as we got back home, I received a message that our friends already started planning their next day trip and the day after they sent me photos of Hämmäauteensuo marsh in Lappeenranta. We’re happy to inspire!


I took it upon myself to take on the 100 nights outdoors challenge, inspired by the blog with the same name. This was night #2. So during the course of a year I’m going to spend a bunch of nights outside – be it in a tent, hammock, lean-to or a balcony/porch. I’ll keep you guys in the loop but for maximum experience, follow us on Instagram @likelygonehiking and also @rinkkaputki.

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