5/100 nights outdoors

I’d like to tell how the first five nights outside have gone so far,

since I accepted the challenge.

In our quarterly meeting we decided that instead of a target amount in readers and clicks, we’d focus on spending those 100 nights outdoors in diverse locations while growing as hikers –  nay, as people. We hope to see a significant growth in results as we cease wasting time pandering to the crowd and/or large corporations. But we won’t, for the time being, sacrifice our three times a week release schedule. If however, your large corporation feels an unquenchable need to get in on this gold-laying goose, ask for our address and/or bank account number by email and send it all in! …but all joking aside:

I have a year to accomplish this challenge and I’m hoping it’ll be enough. 100 nights is 8,33 nights per month so basically all the weekends. I work on weekdays so my free time is pretty much invested in this. The first month had significantly fewer nights but I’m optimistic about the next one! The approaching Winter presents its own set of challenges but again, I’m optimistic that I’ll be one hell of a Winter camper! Heikki is what I like to call a civilian casualty but the battle is my own.

If you’re taking part in this or any other “spending the night outside” challenge, let me know in the comments! I really want to know!

In short:

I’ve been blueberry-picking, teaching myself to use the Trangia gas burner and serving as an inspiration to my friends!

Night #1: location unknown


Location: Unknowm

Ulla and I went berry-picking and took the car into the open road after. We found a nice beach for her to pitch her tent and for me to suspend my hammock. I slept fairly well. I forgot to bring a spoon so I fashioned one from the pasta bag.

Night #2: Lean-to of the Nyrölä Nature Trail

A family trip. I loved it! The night was warm and slept like a baby. I also learned how to made crepes on a giant pan!


Night #3: location unknown

A friend tipped me off about this place – a cliff submerged in water. The waves kept me up so I couldn’t fall sleep so well but when I did, I slept until a particularly angry squirrel woke us up by making this weird machine gun sound in the tree. We tried the gas burner for the first time on this trip and it was amazing! These instructions made us laugh and proved to be a big help.


Night #4: Äijänniemi lean-to

We took the trail that goes along the lake and even across someone’s yard! So the wrong way, basically. If you saw us skulking across your property, we’re sorry! There’s a wide cart path that goes through the forest, use that one!

This wonderful spot, maintained by Metsähallitus, had very little information on the internet, save for laavu.org. Surprisingly even Retkipaikka had nothing about this place.


Night #5: on the yard of a friend’s house in Säynätsalo

Does this count? Sure, why not. The fresh air factor took place! After a nice evening with friends we crawled into our tent. “We have beds, you know!”, we were told. Another one of our friends mentioned that he had a dream about us moving into the woods permanently and feels like this is the first step of that coming true. We laughed as the rain gently rattled the roof of our home away from home.


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