Fjällräven Keb Scandinavian Outdoor

Hiking clothes are everything

A little backstory before I tell you about our collaboration with Scandinavian Outdoor. And even though this might seem like something entirely different at times, this is a product review.

When I was a teenager, you wouldn’t catch me dead wearing anything colorful or anything popular. Although, black is a color, right? I was not a fan of sporty clothes either, I was so damn rock and roll. Or metal. The only reason I was even remotely familiar with Fjällräven was because a friend had a mountain bike by that brand.

Oh how times have changed.

Let me start off by saying that I’ve never worn more comfortable attire. Usualy comfort means you need to sacrifice either durability or protectiveness or both…but not this time.

I won’t repeat my wife’s praising words because you already know Fjällräven knows their stuff. So let’s go!


Fjällräven Keb Jacket. I chose the green one, aka Olive, aka Avokado. No, it’s not because I want to feel closer to Mother Nature or that I wish to hide from predators. The reason is a two-part one: 1) I didn’t want the same one Anne has, which is black and 2) Green Arrow. Because I’m an adult.

The jacket is stretchy from places it’s supposed to be and the same goes for water and wind resistance where the fabric is the tougher G-1000. And it fits my godlike figure like a glove.

It has zippers. Lots and lots of zippers, two of which are located on each side for ventilation. It lacks traditional pockets you can rest hands in but two of them are located on the chest. You can fit so much stuff in them! The model for men also has an extra one near the left bicep.

If you break a sweat during hiking, you can just open the ventilation zippers to aid the air flow. This way you don’t have to take off any clothes and if there are bugs all over the place, the option to avoid showing extra skin is preferable.

And the hood! Whether you’re a mosquito or a blizzard, you can’t touch me.



Fjällräven Keb Trousers. As they are shockingly called. I didn’t go for green with these because I’m so damn colorful as a person. So I went with black. Or extremely dark grey to be honest.

Not unlike it’s top counterpart, the pants got zippers and four of them are for ventilation! And again, break a sweat, open a zipper. It has traditional pockets but I prefer using the thigh ones which hold my wallet and phone and what have you.

Stretchiness. There’s a lot of it. I’ve never been able to squat without having to adjust the pant legs in one way or another. As I said, these are the comfiest clothes I’ve ever worn. If they have a short model available (and I think they do) I’d love to wear them on a hot day.


The tougher parts of the fabric are wind and water resistant. It succesfully protected us from the ice and snow during the Salomo storm. However, the fabric is not waterproof. Heavy downpour will soak through eventually. But let me put it this way: a few kilometers on a bicycle during rainfall, you’ll be fine. Plus they look really good.

G-1000 requires wax treatment every now and then to maintain its water resistance. If you’re sure it won’t rain in the next few weeks, a couple of trips into the washing machine will wear out the layer of wax and the clothes will breath a bit better. So they’re suited for all seasons!

In conclusion, I recommend these products. What you should you, is test them out before you buy them. Different models suit different body types better. The Keb just happens to fit me like a charm.


Collaboration: Scandinavian Outdoor Store

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