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September 2016

Pal of the National Park, part 2

On the second day we drank some more coffee and started painting. Continue reading “Pal of the National Park, part 2”

Professional adventurer or an outdoor life coach?

As I might’ve mentioned earlier, I’ll be a wilderness/nature guide when I grow up. I’m studying along with the day job and no, I’m not quitting. Continue reading “Professional adventurer or an outdoor life coach?”

Shampoo or no-poo?

Hair care products produce, in addition to unnecessary  waste, some cumbersome rashes and itching to some people. People like me. Continue reading “Shampoo or no-poo?”

The firey night of the Red Sands

So we eventually got a chance to spend the night on the beach of Red Sands. Continue reading “The firey night of the Red Sands”

15/100: Sleep outdoors with 300 friends

We participated in the Sleep The Night Outdoors event arranged by Suomen Latu (Finland’s Ski Trails) on September 17th. Continue reading “15/100: Sleep outdoors with 300 friends”

Pal of the National Park, part 1

So I’ll tell you what we did and didn’t do on out first day as volunteers.

Continue reading “Pal of the National Park, part 1”

When dreams come true: Greenland, part 1

Our guest writer Anna tells about her voyage to Greenland. We’re not jealous. At all.

Continue reading “When dreams come true: Greenland, part 1”

Nearly a million bird houses and 50 new friends

In addition to volunteer work we also had a chance to participate in a communal bird house building project! Continue reading “Nearly a million bird houses and 50 new friends”

Sippulanniemi Nature Trail

This particular nature trail of Jyväskylä is especially in these days. There are three things I love about the trail and you can feel the divide between classes when the path goes adjacent to a golf course. Continue reading “Sippulanniemi Nature Trail”

In the flooded valley of Pyhäjoki

On the second week of our volunteering period in Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park we were accommodated  in the Pakasmaa residence, a house maintained by Metsähallitus and where President Urho Kekkonen himself had visited several times as a friend of Viljo and Esteri Pakasmaa. Continue reading “In the flooded valley of Pyhäjoki”

Yosemite National Park

There are places in the world that sound more like a location for a blockbuster movie than an actual destination to visit on a Summer vacation. Yosemite National Park is one of those places.

Continue reading “Yosemite National Park”

Sunbathing on Red Sand

Punainenhiekka (The Red Sand) is a long beach at the Southern edge of Pallasjärvi Lake. Like the name suggests, the sand is red in color, making it stand out from the rest of the paler beaches along what is often referred to as The Sea of Lapland.

Continue reading “Sunbathing on Red Sand”

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Moments from near and far

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Moments from near and far

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Moments from near and far

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Moments from near and far

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