Sippulanniemi Nature Trail

This particular nature trail of Jyväskylä is especially in these days. There are three things I love about the trail and you can feel the divide between classes when the path goes adjacent to a golf course. I sort of love the dirty looks the players tend to give hikers in the area, no matter how according to the rules it is. It’s like you ruin the view putting with all your sweating and panting.

I always circle the trail clockwise because that way you get the best for last. The entire route is pleasant and diverse and I highly recommend the four kilometer hike to any city slicker!

In the beginning of the trail you come to a cliff and we had a small break just admiring the steep drop into the woods. Be careful around the edge when the rock is wet.

After the cliff you take the boardwalks across the overgrown Niemijärvi lake. Prepare for bugs and lizards accompanied by a distinct smell of marsh. I’m not sure what it is about marshes and mires but something draws me toward them.

Forest types differ a lot, after Niemijärvi you walk through groves and ascend the Majamäki hill, which coincidentally is almost as high as Harju in downtown Jyväskylä. Unfortunately, unlike atop Harju, you can’t get a clear view of anything because of all the trees and, well, nature. If you feel like not walking the whole way, there’s a shortcut that skips the hill entirely.

We’ve seen our share of cliffs and rocks but they’re horizontal in Sippulanniemi. It’s nice. You can walk on them, take a nap on them and even hug them a bit. They really transport you to a different place. Just make sure you don’t happen to sit on ant paths*.

The parking lot is right next to both “exits”, on the crossroads of Ristikiventie and Nurmilaukka. On foot or by bike you get slightly closer when you take the path in the corner of the lot. The Nature Trail starts from the fitness route. Just follow the yellow dots and you’ll find it. The map on the city website will help you get there.


*Collaboration with Blåband Outdoor Meals!

This post is a part of our #polkuhaaste challenge. We like to encourage even the more inexperienced everyday hikers to take advantage of the tax money that goes into maintaining these Nature Trails. Jyväskylä has 10 of them and you can easily learn about them here. Share a picture with the hashtag #polkuhaaste on Twitter or Instagram! Everything challenge related can be located under this link.

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