Nearly a million bird houses and 50 new friends

In addition to volunteer work we also had a chance to participate in a communal bird house building project!

Our first week’s target location was the café house at the Pyhäkero wilderness hut. On our way back to civilization aka Hetta we took part in Väärtipäivät (Friend Days). It was windy and rainy and it looked like it was going to be a freezing day.

But we got a chance to chat up the locals and cabin visitors and watch the mayor build his own bird house. The local newspaper even interviewed us!

The readymade house they modeled their efforts after was designed to be so simple to put together, a toddler could’ve managed. It was a busy day and the cold didn’t end up killing us. Another experience under the belt!



In August through September of 2016 we were volunteering at Pallas-Ylläs National Park. We applied a new coat of paint to several huts and other buildings, first in Hetta’s Pyhäkero and later around the vicinity of Pallaskota. Everything involving this particular experience can be found under the tag National Park Volunteers. That and The earlier adventure aka our first Lapland hike can be found here.

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