15/100: Sleep outdoors with 300 friends

We participated in the Sleep The Night Outdoors event arranged by Suomen Latu (Finland’s Ski Trails) on September 17th. There were around a hundred people in different kind of accommodations plus another hundred, if not more, in their own tents.

We took our guest writer Ulla and her daughter with us. We had reserved spots from a huge tent located on the hill. There were a bunch of different sorts of tents all around and together they formed a little village. A lovely gathering of people on each bonfire!


They had a large variety of activities to try out and Heikki and I took our chances with geocaching and Ulla took her little girl to a Moomin walk. We enjoyed some delicious crepes from the kiosk and even got a chance to talk with Liisa from the 100 Nights Outdoors blog. More on that later.

They would’ve had a lot more activities available but we decided to cook our own meal and that proved to be quite time-consuming. That and we opted to relax instead of rushing it.

We got into the game a bit late after three or four people told us about the event so naturally all the “cool” spots, like the Fjällräven village and the tentsiles, were already reserved. But the two-year-old loved our “fort”. Because the bigger tents had stoves for warmth and maintaining them were these almost ninja-like volunteers who kept the fire going. So all we had to do was sleep. We should definitely get one of those big tents and rent it out!

The communal fires and kiosk area were ideal for socializing. We roasted marshmallows and offered some for everyone and they all had their outdoor stories to share! Mikko “Peltsi” Peltola aka my childhood idol, was also there, telling mostly fishing stories. I would’ve had a chat with him but got hit with a bad case of fan girl shyness. After all, he was the poster boy for the event and spent the night on location, like everyone else. But yeah, I’m a big fan and couldn’t think of anything to say and/or ask and the idea of a selfie seemed outright silly.

It was a cold night (below 4 degrees Celsius) so the big tent turned out to be an excellent choice. They were the only option with a stove and before they lit it up, I decided it was time I get myself a new sleeping bag. Which one? You’ll find out. But now just yet. But rest assured, it’ll be an unexpected choice!


I woke up hearing the two-year-old exclaim: “I’m not tired at all!” What a lovely way to wake up, that kid is just adorable. We crawled out of the tent and had breakfast by the fire. Porridge and coffee, yum.

We had a chance to check out the Tentsile because Liisa and her family had stayed in one and offered the grand tour. It was a dream come true for the two-year-old. Us grown-ups saw it more as a suspended hammock for two. But I’m still curious to actually try one. Maybe next Summer!

Surprisingly many of the participants experienced their first night outdoors that night, thanks to this event. We signed up for Finnish Ski Trails and I treated myself for a new beanie. You’ll see it plenty in my upcoming 100 Nights Outdoors challenge posts. 85 times, to be exact!



I’m taking part in the 100 Nights Outdoors challenge which originates from here. All my own posts about the challenge are tagged here.

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