Likely Gone Hiking

Moments from near and far


October 2016

Breakfast atop Jyppyrä

Right before Summer and right before our Hetta-Pallas hike we spent the night in Hetta and because we didn’t think of breakfast arrangements beforehand, we hiked to the vista point and hut of Jyppyrä to enjoy porridge and coffee. Continue reading “Breakfast atop Jyppyrä”

For shame!

Remember when I said that camping and hiking is for everyone? Well I was wrong. It’s not for you. Continue reading “For shame!”

Autumn is the best season

I’m going to write about every season with this same title because they’re all my favorite in a way. There’s always a honeymoon period and I find myself longing for the next one after a month or two.

Continue reading “Autumn is the best season”

Warming up a smoke sauna

It’s uh…something else alright. Continue reading “Warming up a smoke sauna”

A Summertime urban jungle

With Winter approaching fast I came across these photos that haven’t for some reason made it to the blog yet. Continue reading “A Summertime urban jungle”

17/100: Forest fire and a man overboard

I decided to host client events for my friends throughout the year as practice, or more like as a reward for my success in school. This first night turned out to be pretty damn exciting!
Continue reading “17/100: Forest fire and a man overboard”

Good morning, Hailuoto

The night in Hailuoto was bordering on luxurious. Sauna and everything.

Continue reading “Good morning, Hailuoto”

The cleanest air in the world

Here’s a thought: of all the wondrous places I’ve had the privilege of visiting, most wouldn’t have been an option had it not been for my self-promotion.   Continue reading “The cleanest air in the world”

Tools for the stars

If someone likes my photos (or if anyone likes anyone’s photos), they usually comment on them thusly:

You must have an expensive camera!

Continue reading “Tools for the stars”

Night in Hailuoto Island

Conveniently half way home from Pallas is the magical Hailuoto. Continue reading “Night in Hailuoto Island”

First week in wilderness class

Man, as I’m typing this, three days of wilderness and nature guide studies are behind me.

Continue reading “First week in wilderness class”

13/100: Ex tempore trip to Kiviönniemi on a week day

Sometimes a plan unfolds so quickly that a few days after everything happened, you’re like “whaaaaaat?”. Continue reading “13/100: Ex tempore trip to Kiviönniemi on a week day”

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Moments from near and far


Moments from near and far

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Moments from near and far

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Moments from near and far

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Moments from near and far


Moments from near and far

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Moments from near and far


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