Sometimes a plan unfolds so quickly that a few days after everything happened, you’re like “whaaaaaat?”.

It’s what happened to me when I joined a Facebook group called Outdoor Sisters. A friend had mentioned them to me, check them out here. If it seems like your thing, ask for entry into the group!

In this group I noticed someone asking for company for an overnight trip to a lean-to near Jyväskylä.

I thought it over, for approximately three seconds, and typed: Me!

So one thing lead to another and after a quick visit home I packed my bags and drove to the Intersport parking lot and then to Korpilahti, where the Kiviönniemi lean-to is located. Accompanying me was Tanja, a stranger to me back then. Fortunately she wasn’t a crazy person. In fact, on the contrary.

We talked. A lot. About all kinds of things and let me tell you, it was fun and heartwarming. Especially when I had just a single outdoor meal with me. First she roasted me some sausages and even crepes! She was unbelievable! We talked, laughed and slept well. The commute was especially beautiful that morning. The outdoor meal bag came back home with me.

A week day trip test got a 5/5!


P.S. The downside of an ex tempore trip is that I don’t have Heikki taking pictures for me. The three photos in this post are just cell phone snapshots. But rest assured, we’ll get you dazzling photos from the lean-to in no time!

P.P.S. Tanja gave me an excellent tip for an affordable sleeping bag. More on that later!