First week in wilderness class

Man, as I’m typing this, three days of wilderness and nature guide studies are behind me.

I’m not a full-time student but I attend 52 days in classes during the year.

These past three days have been amazing. I’ve been getting to know my classmates and teachers. We’ve visited the local woods and learned to recognize different kinds of moss, mushrooms and plants. As an added bonus I’ve made crepes, boiled water on paper, hugged trees and played some forest golf. And seen an actual arctic fox!

My classmates are all outdoorsy people who love to rush to the classroom door when the teacher mentions the slightest chance of it being an outdoors day. We come in all ages and educational backgrounds and yet we’re all equally curious and excited. You can basically taste the equality in the group, is what I’m saying. We combine our strengths and work great as a team. We even carpool!

I already feel like I can count on them. I was worried the others would be hardened wilderness veterans and would laugh at clumsy old me. Thank god that’s not it. No one is ready but those who have more information, are keen on sharing it.

124 plants. Six types of moss. Thirty types of mushrooms. Five types of polypores. Six types of lichen. 35 different mammals. 25 kinds of fish. 33 insects. 82 birds and for good measure, a few snakes, a blindworm and some frogs.

Books on plants, birds and mushrooms are in good use right now. I haven’t gotten around finding one on animal tracks yet. I’m already good at recognizing moss, lichen and polypores, though. But for how long, that’s another story.


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