Night in Hailuoto Island

Conveniently half way home from Pallas is the magical Hailuoto.One takes a ferry to Hailuoto from the Oulu harbor and if one happens to be the first in line on a storm, one’s car will receive a nice seawater bath. Our little dog was terrified. On our way back the sea was calm, so he got to have the nap he deserved.

Arriving on location late at night, we didn’t get a chance to do much sightseeing. We simply drove across the island, straight to the harbor/beach to enjoy the sunset. We had asked tips from our local contact Liisa and she gave us a few good choices. And since the Marjaniemi harbor was the first thing we spotted from the map, that’s where we headed.

So we almost spent that night outdoors but then …didn’t. The wind was pretty strong that day and we didn’t feel comfortable pitching a tent onshore. The kiosk/grill/camping permit sales place informed us that the whole area was booked full but the man behind the counter had a proposal. He could accommodate us in the sauna/dressing room area for the night. This unusual arrangement also included the use of the sauna itself. We might’ve looked like we needed it.

In other words we ran into your usual Hailuotonite, an understanding and helpful one.



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