The cleanest air in the world

Here’s a thought: of all the wondrous places I’ve had the privilege of visiting, most wouldn’t have been an option had it not been for my self-promotion.  

Much like when we were volunteering in the North.

Our boss (it was more like a Summer job for him) does measurements for the Finnish Meteorological Institute and as luck would have it, we got to tag along. Just a quick peek!

And there we were, breathing in the cleanest air in the world and watching him bottle it up for shipment to the Rocky Mountains. We got to see all kinds of dials and gizmos and all we talked about was how the front door opened the wrong way. This was because of the amount of snow that would otherwise block the exit in Wintertime. And you need 4-wheel-drive to get there in the first place. The sensors are wrapped up by heat resistors because without them, they’d freeze. For the time we were near the station, the sensors needed to be turned off because as we know, people pollute the air just by being there.



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