Good morning, Hailuoto

The night in Hailuoto was bordering on luxurious. Sauna and everything.

The weather was calm when we woke up. We went to the beach to have the Trangia breakfast we usually have with the sea babbling on next to us. The sunset and its purdy clouds had grabbed our attention the previous night but the morning revealed the red wooden buildings, the long beach and the fairness of the sea.

We felt like fugitives since we had mistakenly marked this day as volunteer work. I had, for some reason, marked our volunteer job to go throughout the weekend. But since it in actuality ended on Friday, we had the weekend to ourselves. And let me tell you, it was so much nicer to drive home on a Saturday, knowing you’d still have the opportunity to sleep a night at home.

We will most definitely visit this landscape more often. Hailuoto is more or less a halfway point when driving from Pallas-Yllä National Park to Jyväskylä.



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