A Summertime urban jungle

With Winter approaching fast I came across these photos that haven’t for some reason made it to the blog yet. Tourujoki Nature Trail aka Heikki’s Trail (renamed after environmental planner Heikki Sihvonen retired from office) is one of Jyväskylä’s hidden gems. A lush grove surrounds you as you walk along the narrow path. These photos are from July when the scenery was at its best. Depending on when you visit the Trail, you get a different version each season.

Because the Tourujoki river flows in the middle of the city, you can make out the sounds of rush hour at times but it does a pretty good job drowning out the urban noise pollution. This 700 meter long trail is a home to many different sorts of plants, including the impatiens noli-tangere with it’s flowers that resemble yellow fishes. The lush path will provide an excellent place for me to learn about the local flora and fauna.

There used to be a paper mill by the river which is why there was also a power plant. It was shut down in 2010 and adjacent Kangas area is quickly turning into a beacon of smart urban living. First occupants will move in in 2017 but there are already over 40 businesses and companies active in the area.

But for now, we can enjoy the quiet oasis smack in the middle of the city.

How to get there: The Trail starts from the path going along Tourujoki river. You can take the stairs down from Kinakuja near the bridge and walk upstream until you see the sign post. The path comes out next to the cemetery. Oh, and dogs aren’t allowed on the Trail. Just a heads up.


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