Autumn is the best season

I’m going to write about every season with this same title because they’re all my favorite in a way. There’s always a honeymoon period and I find myself longing for the next one after a month or two.

I asked you on Twitter and Facebook what is it about Autumn that’s so unique for us adventurers and the honest answer was: the temperature. It kills bugs, you’re not drenched in sweat all the time and the ground has a frosty sparkle to it. Oh and Fall colors, obviously.

A frostbitten marsh is one of most beautiful sights in the world.

The beauty and empty forests

Nature is diverse even after the Fall colors have come and gone. You get to walk the trails in peace with all the Summer hikers gone to hibernation into gyms and classes. Even the more popular destinations are fairly quiet. Plants slowly die away with hints of green here and there. Frost and fog in the morning. First snow.

Conquering nature

I wouldn’t be able to call myself a wilderness guide if I didn’t utter the following phrase: there’s no such thing as bad weather, only inadequate gear. And it’s true. The worst of rainfalls can feel like a party if you have enough layers and water resistance. I love the sound of rain against the hood I’m wearing.

I really love it when I’m lying in a warm sleeping bag and the tip of my nose is just a bit frozen. You still need warm clothing when you wake up but the morning routine feels more like meditation.

Which season inspires you the most? What is your favorite and least favorite and why?


P.S. Thank you so much for your input Hanna, Anna-Leena, Minna and Anna!



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