Breakfast atop Jyppyrä

Right before Summer and right before our Hetta-Pallas hike we spent the night in Hetta and because we didn’t think of breakfast arrangements beforehand, we hiked to the vista point and hut of Jyppyrä to enjoy porridge and coffee. Which was all fine and dandy until we realized that we didn’t pack any sort of utensils.

No spoons, no plates.

Usually we carry a container with at least one spork inside but who knows what happened. We probably just left it in the kitchen cupboard. Carefree Carrie and her witless husband are back at it again! Ever since this incident we’ve laid everything on the floor before we pack.

We headed to the Nature Center to buy new ones but unfortunately they didn’t have any. The most helpful customer advisor pointed us into the right direction after we politely declined her offering of plastic spoons. The local sporting goods had everything we needed and more.

During breakfast we used a splinter to dig the porridge out of the bag but this didn’t diminish our zeal and excitement. You can see the fells from there and I couldn’t help but think that I’m about to climb that mountain!


We took on the Pallas-Hetta hike (from Hetta to Pallas) in early June 2016. We chose the Hetta-Sioskuru-Tappuri-Hannukuru-Nammalakuru-Pallas route. We’ll be presenting the hike in small portions of ten posts. I’ll also be talking about the gear choices we made for this trip. Everything concerning the hike can be found by using the identifier hetta-pallas hike. If there’s anything you’d like to know about a specific destination or if a certain part engages your attention, please don’t hesitate to comment! We’re happy to tell you more. 

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