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November 2016

All the places the old ice cream box has been to

What’s the best container for food? Portability, low amount of residue and the wrapper’s integrity are always crucial when choosing the things you carry your food in.

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16/100: A food voyage to Kuorejärvi

Mmmm, food.

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20/100: All Saints’ Day at Vuorilampi

Next to Vuorilampi pond, in Huhtasuo Jyväskylä, there’s the Huhtakarpalo lean-to. This is where we decided to test out our winter gear. 

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Forest fair

In another visit to the big city we decided to represent!

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The caverns of Valkulamminvuori

The first field trip was to Isojärvi National Park but before entering the park itself, we took a little detour. Continue reading “The caverns of Valkulamminvuori”

At the birthplace of silver coins

Taking into consideration that atheism is the most common “religion” in the post-communist Czech Republic, the country has an impressive amount of churches. Continue reading “At the birthplace of silver coins”

The power of Kangaskoski

I was to look for and photograph different sorts of forest types.

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My first Fell

The Ounastunturi part of Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park is generally considered lesser known to the public. Nevertheless, the towering Pyhäkero is what starts the whole hike when going from Hetta to Pallas.

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14/100 Nights outdoors, testing the underwear

At first I considered this cheating.

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Man can learn!

How did this happen?

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Shenanigans, floppy ears and paws: Greenland, part 2

Our guest writer Anna’s Greenland adventure continues.

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Learn to ski with Korpi-Jaakko

As I’m typing this I’m recovering from today’s lecture, which was give to us by Jaakko “Wild Jack” Heikka. Continue reading “Learn to ski with Korpi-Jaakko”

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Moments from near and far

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Moments from near and far

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Moments from near and far

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Moments from near and far


Moments from near and far

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Moments from near and far


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