Learn to ski with Korpi-Jaakko

As I’m typing this I’m recovering from today’s lecture, which was give to us by Jaakko “Wild Jack” Heikka.

On the record, it was a lecture on productization and how well that’s been implemented in his Ankarat Avotunturit (Ruthless Fells) package. The whole program was comprehensive and well thought out.

Off the record, there was a moment where he transported us onto the ice of Päijänne Lake, to Iceland, to Greenland. His calm and deep voice took us all far away from the confines of the classroom and it had nothing to do with anyone dozing off.

Our eyes lit up and we were already skiing across the ice fields with a Lapp’s sledge in tow.

Ruthless Fells is a concept for anyone to embrace. Prior experience is not necessary, some of the equipment are provided by the class and after a few days you can decide to either go for longer hikes or join an expedition.

The best moment for me was on lunch time when he shook my hand and referred to me as a fellow blogger! I can’t even begin to describe how good it felt when an actual adventurer considers a beginner such as myself, an equal. Good people afford to be nice, right?

He had me at “hello“.

P.S. Obviously I didn’t take any pictures on the account of me being shy and the classroom not being the most flattering backdrop. The photos of this post are from our Winter trip with Ulla and the Hetta-Pallas hike. I didn’t include skiing photos because I sort of haven’t done that in years. Oops.

More information on the Ruthless Fells program (in Finnish): http://www.avotunturit.fi/
Jaakko’s blog (in English): https://korpijaakko.com/

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