14/100 Nights outdoors, testing the underwear

At first I considered this cheating.

I mean, it’s not really being outdoors, is it, sleeping on the balcony? However, I wanted to include this as one night among others.

Then I realized the power of renaming: balcony nights are test drives.

Testing weather, gear and how well you sleep near noise sources such as the highway and train tracks.

Like, if you have a new sleeping bag or it’s so old you don’t even see the Comfort level anymore, a balcony is the perfect test environment. Not to mention how easy it is to just go back inside should the night turn out to be colder and/or warmer than anticipated.

I bought new merino wool underwear and felt like testing it out in the Autumn cold. But after a while I had to switch to t-shirt mode. We’ll see how it goes when Winter comes since with merino wool socks, my feet are practically boiling. But I’m really enthusiastic about winter. Mostly because of this.

If you don’t feel brave enough to go outside and more specifically, you fear the cold: try a balcony. As a hammocker I have the option to try these sorts of things. I’m ready for the below zeros of the winter! Maybe I’ll have more cheat nights like this. Did you read about the kid who spent his nights on the balcony during winter? I think it’s more than okay to look up to that boy.

Pro tip: You can do this in your front lawn as long as your neighbors aren’t keen on calling the police about a strange intruders sleeping between two trees. None of this is your concern if you have a house of your own, of course. It’s easy to teach your kids about the miracle of hammocks this way, too.

What is the lamest place you’ve spent a night outdoors in..at…?



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