At the birthplace of silver coins

Taking into consideration that atheism is the most common “religion” in the post-communist Czech Republic, the country has an impressive amount of churches.

We got to know a few on our tour around Kutna Hora.

The old mining town is located about an hour away from downtown Prague. Silver mines have given the place wealth since the 1200’s because all the coins of Europe and Russia came from there. That’s not to say the town hasn’t been without its share of misfortune. I’m talking war, floods, fires…


I got to say, I got chills being inside the church decorated with human bones. You can learn more about its history here.

The Cathedral of St. Barbara was built over several centuries with wars and diminishing mine operations disrupting the work. But they managed to do it, one third at a time. A few windows still lack their colors waiting for a generous donations.

A traditional Czech meal was included in the tour. It was an interesting mix of doughy bread, stewed meat, gravy and whipped cream, cowberry jam and lemon. They also served chicken and other more common dishes but we chose tradition over comfort. We tried pronouncing the food names, but failed miserably.

We didn’t have to book the tour in advance. All we had to do was look for a green umbrella at the foot of the Astronomical Clock. Our tour guide was extremely nice and spoke English like it was her native language.


P.S. We visited greener locations as well but more on that later!


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