The caverns of Valkulamminvuori

The first field trip was to Isojärvi National Park but before entering the park itself, we took a little detour.

I’ve read about Valkulamminvuori on Retkipaikka’s website and since I wanted our first trip to be special and memorable, I suggested we visit its caverns and the whole class was for it!

I had the honor to be the group’s leader on this virgin voyage. Which meant that even though we knew exactly where we were and we could see the trail from the parking lot, I still pulled out my trusty compass. You know, for practice. I lead the group to the entrance and before leaving when some people wanted to stay and pick mushrooms, I made sure someone looked out for them.

The caverns turned out to be more interesting that originally anticipated. The Retkipaikka article might have a little something to do with the already formed footpath leading to the entrance. People had left small ribbons as markers as well. So we didn’t have to waste time looking for it but instead we focused on exploration.

The most intriguing cave was the most narrow one. And we of course had to shove ourselves in, all of us. We barely had room to scuttle onward.

After the caverns we emerged from between the boulders and spent some time studying them. You could hide anything in there!

The view was made of Fall colors and we all just stood there looking at it for a while.

I’m super happy that our first trip had such a wild start! None of us had been there before yet everyone was equally excited! It was easy to continue toward the Park itself, not to mention lunch!


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