Forest fair

In another visit to the big city we decided to represent!

It was a lot of fun meeting hiking bloggers for the first time in person, even though it felt like we already knew most of them, thanks to the internet. They had their own section as Suomiretki and we stayed for the entirety of it that day.

So here’s a brief rundown of the speakers with a bunch of helpful links!

Nella Himari: the founder of the Kaukokaipuu blog and the main culprit behind Suomiretki.

She welcomed us with open arms to the stand and we practically spent the whole day hanging, listening to inspirational stories. Nella shared her tips on how to protect your camera from the elements and that perspective is key in nature shots.

Nella’s kind words gave weight to the whole idea of hiking and adventuring and writing a blog about both. Thank you so much!

Link time! Suomiretki website and Instagram. The Kaukokaipuu blog. All are in Finnish.

Upe Nykänen: The Jalkaisin blog

Regardless of trekking on many of the same paths as her, I hadn’t actually met Upe before that day. Her blog Jalkaisin (in Finnish) has been an inspiration for Sunday hikes more times than we can count. It was cool to see her in person!

She spoke about using public transport to reach hiking destinations and that you can always hitchhike the rest of the way. You don’t need your own car to get to places.

This made me think about the countless times our own vehicle had given us trouble in the form of repairs and flat tires and such. So I agree.

Even if you end up taking a taxi, it’s still cheaper than owning a car. – Upe

She has a very impressive amount of adventures under her belt, both domestic and foreign. Having read her every blog post, I still sat there mesmerized as she told them out loud.

Mikaela Creutz: Kean retki blog – a city girl in search of her true nature.

Kea was speaker number two and we had a chance to talk to her a bunch of times during the day. In addition to talking about gear and trekking, we all came to the conclusion that it’s both bizarre and refreshing to meet people who haven’t been but profile pictures on your computer and/or phone screen up until that point. The hiking community is tightly knit and we all follow each other’s social media outlets.

She told about her adventures and how she also started from local destinations and worked her way up to distant ones.

Her trips have also given her strength and courage to her everyday life: challenges at work are less stressful after you’ve survived a night outdoors.

Rimma and Laura: Adventuring Moms

These two spoke of hiking and camping with children. They have an intriguing blog where one of the main themes is literally adventuring moms. The site is in Finnish. This all started after they both had kids and decided that it wouldn’t prevent them from continuing their outdoor life but rather change them.

The ladies want to encourage other moms to make trips near and far as well.

The content of their presentation can be found here.

Henri Annila: Henkka’s Adventures

(who may or may not be a guest pen in the future, I dunno, tee hee…)

Henri told us about how he lived on top of a fell for a year, working and studying in Iso-Syöte.

Before his presentation, we had a chat with him and the subject of our guest pen concept came up. A week after the Fair we received an email from him and boom, we have a new writer! So, no spoilers about his time on the fells, we’ll let him tell you himself.

His Instagram (in English) can be found here.

Caj Koskinen: a photographer and a blogger for Retkipaikka

About half a kilometer from the Suomiretki stand, we saw a bearded gentleman who looked oddly familiar. So we went to say hi.

As I was writing this, I noticed that like with many other photographers, he managed to elude from his own being taken.

Caj’s a photographer and we’re big fans of his adventures. Afterwards, Heikki told me that he was so smitten by the excellence of Caj’s beard that he couldn’t remember what they talked about. Probably camera stuff. His own English blog can be found here and his Retkipaikka posts here.

Antti Huttunen – the founder of Retkipaikka

Okay, even though Antti didn’t have a presentation at the Fair, we still met with him and had a nice yet brief talk. I can still feel his mighty handshake! He’s to blame for the success of the Retkipaikka website! We’re honored to be a part of something that strives for outdoor life and nature.

My own thoughts

I’m extremely happy that we decided to attend the Fair. Our trips to Helsinki tend to be a real circus. At least my clothing was up to par with the dress-code – every lady had a checked shirt!

After a barrage of encouraging words, I’m positive we’re on the right path and in good company. We get to be a part of something epic! Thank you to everyone involved – and thanks dad for accommodating us!




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