20/100: All Saints’ Day at Vuorilampi

Next to Vuorilampi pond, in Huhtasuo Jyväskylä, there’s the Huhtakarpalo lean-to. This is where we decided to test out our winter gear. 

I got to admit, I’m a bit behind on schedule with the 100 nights outdoors challenge but let’s not let that bother us, huh? Winter trekking is my jam right now!

On last All Saints’ Day evening we arrived at the pond and set up the radio on the Avaruusromua (Space Waste) channel. I’d heard about it before when Retkipaikka was doing a bit on it and again when Minna spent the night atop Kanavuori listening to it. This was when Space Waste turned 25.

This will turn out to be a tradition, I just know it. Lying in the sleeping bag and bearing your soul to the strangest of musical styles.

It was about 12 degrees below Celsius and had we had poor quality gear, we would’ve frozen. The lean-to is only an hour’s walk away from our house and after breaking a bit of a sweat on the way, we soon realized the cold was settling in and we had to keep busy. So we lit a fire and warmed up some mulled wine (or glögi, like normal people call it) and roasted some grain sausages. Heikki ran around shooting for a while as Möykky and I tucked ourselves in while reluctantly listening to a church mass (yawn) before Space Waste began.

Möykky doesn’t really get the idea of a sleeping bag but after realizing it was cold outside of of and warm inside, he calmed down and dozed off. After the fire died out, so did the street lights lighting the running path nearby. And soon enough, we drifted to sleep with space music quietly playing.

It was a great night’s sleep and no one walked in to bother us – it was a Saturday after all, so that’s pretty amazing! Come dawn, a jogger ran past the lean-to and a few dog walkers stopped to have a chat, but that’s it.

So this is what it’s like to camp in the middle of the city. Surprisingly effortless and comfortable!


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