All the places the old ice cream box has been to

What’s the best container for food? Portability, low amount of residue and the wrapper’s integrity are always crucial when choosing the things you carry your food in.

You’ll be seeing a lot of small tips regarding the Trash-free hiking campaign we’re involved in. Join us, why don’t you!

A thermos and a plastic container for day trips

If you’re planning on doing a day trip or staying for a single night, I suggest packing your food items in plastic containers. Small boxes for sandwiches, a thermos for soup and/or coffee or tea.

If you don’t have any and you tend to travel with someone, out aside a couple of those plastic ice cream boxes! Another great container, especially for sandwiches, is an empty margarine box. You can use it again and again and it’s light!

A box like this doesn’t take too much room in a cupboard since they’re stackable. And you can write little love notes on the cover!

Or you can do what my friend does and grab the Moomin lunch box from their childhood. The ice cream containers I like to use lose all color from their labels in the dishwasher and turn all bleak and washed out. A Tupperware sales person claimed that they aren’t meant to be used in such a manner but I totally disagree.

A food thermos has a wider mouth so you can eat straight out of it and use the cap as an extra bowl! I use it to make my breakfast porridge.

I prefer soup over sausage any day of the week.

I love that I have my own coffee cup. A guksi, a light plastic one, a steel one, an enamel one – they all have they’re pros and cons. I personally carry a guksi cup but for comparison, I also like to bring my Kupilka cup along every now and then.

We have a few plastic plates as well, just in case. I’m sure cardboard ones are just as fine but it’s just not my thing, you know? And I would be amiss not to mention the plastic sporks that travel with us – most of the time.


In the photo above we’re on a day trip at the Koskikara route in Leivonmäki National Park. I packed us some sandwiches, some soup and some tea. We also always carry with us about sizable amount of water.

On a trip like this it’s easy not to leave any trash behind but I don’t mind carrying stuff going in and coming out anyway. The ice cream box has seen its share of activities and who knows where it’ll go next!

How do you pack your lunches for a day trip?

How do you make sure you don’t leave anything behind and if something does happen to come home with you, do you find the right receptacle for it?

Do you have your own personal mug and how long have you had it?


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