An exciting night in Lammakesuo

I’m not a 100% certain this place even exists anymore since the last time we were there, we had to flee from a deforesting machine.

Ulla lured us outdoors again. The Lammakesuo marsh in Palokka, there lies a lean-to.

We got there. We roasted some sausages with chocolate brownies for dessert. Ulla had forgotten her tripod at home and felt bad for a while but then pulled a Heikki and just set the camera on a backpack, pointing at the sky. We still haven’t seen the photos she took but knowing her expertise, they were probably stunning. The pictures of this post are by Heikki.

We heard the sound of a machine in the distance. The very same machine that had left the tracks we walked on behind. We didn’t mind – until it drove right next to the lean-to.

Beep. Beep. Beep. It kept backing up toward us. The turn it made took only a second. You should’ve seen our faces.

So we kept on shooting the sky and thought about how funny it would be to wake up to that beeping sound in the morning – little did we know it would come back once an hour.

Third time was enough to make us leave the place behind in the middle of the night. On our way back Möykky and I had to stop and pose a few times as the master photographers took pictures of us.


Such was this Autumn “almost a night out”.


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