A heathen in a church

On our Summer vacation we also visited Vantaa, Helsinki and Prague as soon as we got back from the North. First we drove home from Lapland, slept two nights at home, did massive amounts of laundry and then drove to Dad Hotel in Vantaa, where there’s always a warm welcome and bountiful feasts await. But we couldn’t help but visit the local Nature Center of Haltia and a beautiful church in the Helsinki parish.

The church

A quick tour inside the cool stone church followed by a walk around the cemetery. What a Finnish thing to do. The church of the Helsinki parish is a fairly popular wedding location and if you wish to say your I do’s, you better have a reservation well ahead of time.

I’m not a part of any church but I’m not exactly a heathen either. I like to quiet down amidst the pews every once in a while. If not anything else, they speak to me in a cultural level. Lately I’ve been feeling like paying the church tax once again which means I’d have to join the congregation but we’ll see. It’s a work in progress. I mean, I’m practically a pilgrim these days, even though we mostly thank Mother Nature for her bounty, not God. Sure, there are exceptions, like the Camino route.

Any church roamers in the viewing community? The only church in our blog besides this one has been that of Saint Olaf in Sastamala. In Prague we visited a large number of them, though.


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