Turquoise waters and viking castles

On Lake Tahoe we spent the night in Hard Rock Hotel located on the border of Nevada and California.

The hotel had song lyrics and pictures of stars on the walls. In the morning we had breakfast and went for a walk amidst the casinos.


I wanted to bounce on the beds. I might as well have, they were way too soft to get a proper night’s sleep on. The view from the window was epic and you just wanted to run to the hills. Or, you know, to the giant snow-tipped mountains in the distance.

Emerald Bay

There’s a word for a person who can’t help but burst to tears when seeing a piece of art or a stunning landscape. I think I’m one of them.

This eye leakage started on the vista point overlooking Emerald Bay. Until that moment every scenery in the Americas had made me giggle like a crazy person. But Emerald Bay was just too much.

On the shore, there’s a viking manor that was built by some homesick Scandinavian. True story! You could just make it out between the trees. It started raining shortly after that.



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