The list of all lists

Let’s think back all the way to last Winter. You’ll remember that’s when we spent our first snowy night outdoors. So here’s the gear list for that trip!

The list for our next trips will surely be different but here’s what we had.


Sports undergarments
Merino wool underwear
Cotton shirtMerino wool boa
Thin merino wool socks + regular wool socks (double wrap shields against blisters)
Fjällräven Vidda Pro pants (this model is 100% G-1000 fabric without stretchy parts and double protection on the butt and knees)
Windproof Didriksson jacket
A beanie
Hanwag hiking boots
Knitted mittens

Snow shoes for moving about

Contents of the backpack

A change of undergarments (for the night and for the next day)
A break jacket, a break beanie
Extra mittens, should you get yours wet
Trangia stove plus fuel (we didn’t use it, though, we chose the kettle that time around

Eating utensils

Chocolate bars and nuts for snacks

Outdoor meals, 2 bags per person
A coffee pot and coffee
Water, 1.5 liters per person
Porridge flakes
Package of sausages
Small first aid kit
Travel axe
Sleeping bag + “sheet sleeping bag”
Sleeping pad times two (inflatable one and a foam one)

A water proof cell phone with the mobile data turned off, in a power saving mode. I also had call forwarding from my own phone, should something happen.

As you can see, we had backup plans after backup plans. But you should always have the base level of gear and attire with you, no matter what size the expedition. This year I’ve upgraded my backpack to a lighter model, and the same thing with my sleeping bag, sleeping pad and jacket.

But the list above is what we had on our first Winter outing in Leivonmäki National Park. We’ll go back soon enough!



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