In the kingdom of giants

Bark grows tougher as the tree grows older and these ones are ancient.

A year and a half ago we had the privilege of spending two weeks with our friend in California. We saw a dozen amazing things, more than we could’ve ever asked for. And ever since we’ve been hoping for a jackpot in the lottery or something so we could go back and maybe spend a night in Yosemite National Park.

Giant, ancient sequoia trees of Mariposa Grove we’re on out must-see list, right after Half Dome and Lake Tahoe.

These trees have been growing in the hot, dry climate and have even developed a coping mechanism against the forest fires the heat brings with it: their bark is so thick, only the surface chars and the tree itself is left unharmed.

Trees you can drive a car through. Fallen monarchs. Even the smallest individuals are mindbogglingly huge.



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