Our blog is a Christmas child

Happy holidays to all our wonderful readers and thank you for this year! Our blog turns 1 today!

Our first story, which was about a hiker’s New Year’s resolutions, was posted exactly one year ago. After that we’ve published 155 stories.

Numbers are boring, I agree, but with them we’ve received a much greater joy: we’ve gotten to know a bunch of new people, visited amazing locations and this whole thing has paid it all forward in a big way.

We’ve also learned all sorts of handy stuff about hiking and camping, about nature and gear.

You could say that all of it has lead to a more adventurous life, since I started my studies as a wilderness guide this Fall!

A group of guest writers have also joined our ranks with the incredible stories they brought along. Our everlasting gratitude go to Ulla, Anna and Sonja!

Our plans for next year will be revealed in due time but for now: thank you, everyone.

We’ll be spending Christmas days with friends and family in Savo and having a small holiday of our own somewhere near Vuokatti.

No thanks to Anne’s injured heel, we might have to be prepared not to have too many hiking goals before New Year’s.

The blog will also take a small breather during the Holidays.

We have dozens of new readers (at least in our “main blog“) so we’ll still be uploading old stories to Facebook and Twitter.

New stuff coming up a few times a week next year! Have a wonderful Christmas and remember: it’s never too late to go outside.

Yours truly, Anne and Heikki

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