Hiking plan of 2017

I only have dim lines in my calendar. In other words, I have plenty of plans but few dates set.

National Park volunteering and trash-free hiking sponsorship

Our contact from Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park reached out via email and we’re going back!

We’ll be swinging around a camera or a paint brush. Or both.

This time around it’ll either be camping, free-roaming all around the fells or working as a hut host. Or hut lord. I prefer the latter.

These jobs open up to applicants during the course of the Spring and if you’re willing and able, you should definitely sign up for the volunteer registry.

You’ll be reading more about our already conquered volunteer gigs this Winter.

The whole trash-free hiking sponsor thing strongly intertwines with volunteering. The goal is to have at least one major get-together on May 20th of 2017. If you have good ideas or locations to suggest, comment below or send us an email!

100 nights outdoors: lots and lots of nigh shots incoming

It’s a new year and schedule-wise I’m halfway done but in actual nights spent outdoors…not so much. Thank god for Spring, huh? I don’t care how long it’ll eventually take, I’ll still keep going and reporting about my struggles!

The more lenient Retkiyöhaaste will be completed, though. The idea is to spend a night outdoors on every season.

The Nuku Yö Ulkona (Spend the night Outdoors) event will take place in June 17th this year so you know it’ll be warm. At least warmer than in 2016.

New hobbies

I went to try out this thing called Air Yoga a few times in the Fall and I hold a 10 time card. If you’re interested, I’ll let you know about my adventures within the sheet (it’s not as dirty as it sounds), provided I manage to get someone to take some photos of it.

I also signed up for the Ankarat Avotunturit (Harsh open fells) introduction class. This is where skiing comes to play and even though I already own a pair of regular ones, you need forest skis (which I sort of acquired already but they’re pretty modest) and a Lapp’s sledge to survive out there in the fells in Winter!

Overnight gear is pretty much dealt with, especially after Heikki bought me a sleeping pad with an R rating* of 6. Pretty well done, considering I didn’t even know about such a rating a year ago.

Stuff of interest: geocaching, navigation, fatbiking, friction skis, canoeing. I’ve yet to do anything to enforce any of these so if you, our dear reader, would like to lure me/us to any of the aforementioned hobbies, please do so!

Summer vacation and internships

In addition to all the volunteering, I’ve had a few ideas on how to spend my Summer vacation.

I’m currently on the hunt for an internship abroad and/or from Finland – 4 to 6 weeks, preferably with an amazing view.

Should you know just the right place, let me know!

I’ll definitely be spending a week in Pallas as a volunteer but I’d love to visit an unfamiliar National Park as well.

The blog

Planning too much ahead can be toxic for a lot of people. Often times people stop encouraging you after you bring up numbers and statistics and sponsored posts.

Let’s hope not! If I had stopped thinking about the future, Likely Gone Hiking would’ve never happened.

Joy and passion for the outdoors have always been there in the background, not to mention writing about it. Gear geekery is just extra.

Let me break it down for you:

  1. Success, for me, means that of good quality: improving your expertise and networking abilities with both hiking veterans and novices.
  2. Keep the conversation alive: whether the feedback is direct or indirect, respond with kindness and respect. The internet is not a place to try and change anyone’s mind. Or have you ever seen anyone do that in a heated forum debate?
  3. I’ll do my best to become less self-aware about the general discussions taking place around me. Meaning I tend to take a general comment on hiking or camping pretty personally. It might collide with part 1 since sometimes hiking veterans might casually say something that ends up hurting my feelings. I should only read the discussions when I’m in a good mood and learn to differentiate a general opinion from personal feedback.
  4. The amount of readers and blog posts. I sort of want to double the amount of visitors to our page. You can help, naturally, by liking and sharing our stuff. Instagram and Twitter are our most active social media outlets. We’re scaling back a bit with the amount of posts per week and during Winter you’ll only see two posts a week instead of the usual three. My wilderness guide studies take a lot of my time, you see.
  5. I still want to hear more about your trips and adventures and treks. I want to know what it is that’s keeping you from going on a long hike so we can tackle them together! I get a warm, fuzzy feeling about every comment, question, email and like and I never take them for granted. Thank you to everyone who has reacted.
  6. Sponsored posts: something small is on the way but we’d love to do more product and location reviews!
  7. Retkipaikka and Tunturiin.fi. To name a few sites I’ve had the privilege of writing for. Collaborations like these are always refreshing.

Guest pens

I’d like more of you guys to join us! And meet up with our current ones. Every story has been an adventure on its own.

Potential candidates, send emails!

Wilderness guide studies end in Fall 2017

Spring is for studying. The hikes and treks will most likely strongly link to them in the form of Winter and Summer hikes. The final exam will surely take its toll as well.

Speaking of: on May 20th I’m thinking of incorporating the exam to the Trash-free hiking sponsor get-together. The subject will be how to organize a themed nature service.

After graduation I’ll hopefully have the know-how to organize my very own reader’s treks or something like that.

2017 is looking pretty damn good!


*R rating as in insulation. I’ll tell you more about that later.

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