Not your typical wilderness hut

Last Fall a conversation started in the Outdoor Sisters Facebook group. We hadn’t had a get together near Jyväskylä.

Our guest pen Anna and I decided to arrange a little meetup and lo, there we were at the Häähnintupa hut one weekend.

We were quite nervous about the weather. It looked like it was going to snow or rain or maybe a little bit of both. I took Heikki (husband and court photographer) with me a day early on Friday and the rest of the conclave arrived on Saturday.

Häähnintupa hut is technically a wilderness hut but with extra. It has electricity (thanks to the solar panels outside), a gas stove, a gas grill and room for 4 to 6 people with mattresses, pillows and blankets.


On Saturday we cooked some sausage soup and got to know one another. After lunch we went on a hike, Upe-style.

In other words, Upe introduced us to her very own style of advancing in nature, called “through there – yeah”. It was a lot of fun and we got to see a whole different perspective for hiking. This wasn’t Upe’s first time at Häähnintupa.

You should definitely check out her adventures in her Jalkaisin blog (in Finnish).

Come sundown, we were hanging our clothes to dry from the onslaught of snow and water from earlier.

Later that evening we went to the nearby sauna which had a lantern-lit path leading up to it. We squeezed our butts on the higher benches, barely. There was even a hole in the ice for the braver bunch. I was not one of them.

Back at the hut we were a group of chatterboxes, discussing the past and future treks. And with a constant fire going, we were pretty sure it was going to get hot during the night. So I had a thought: I have a tent, why shouldn’t I just pitch it outside. And I did, took me a minute or so. The tent depicted in the photo below is not mine, however. My photographer went home before I had a chance to set it up. There were three tents outside that night.


Thank you to Outdoor Sisters for a warm and loving experience. It was so nice seeing you all!


P.S. If the question you’re asking yourself is “what on earth are these Outdoor Sisters”, it’s a cult of outdoorsy women, of which you can learn more behind this link. You want in? Join us in the Facebook group “Outdoor Siskot”.

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