Skis from SA-kauppa

First of all, if you have money, go to a store that sells skis. If not, go to SA-kauppa.

I bought skis. They are an eyesore but they’re practical. In Sotkamo I noticed that one of them was meant for 80kg and under and the other from 80 to 100 kg. The idea was to buy two identical skis.

They were zip-tied together at the store so I sort of figured they’d belong together.

This doesn’t call for further action though, since it’s not really a big deal. With my severe lack of experience in the matter, it’s the least of my worries. And as we know, what I lack in skill, I take back in enthusiasm!

With the money saved in the SA-kauppa, we could afford to rent a cabin near Sotkamo for the Holidays. I’d also have a chance to tes drive my “brand new” skis. They barely fit into our car.


Skiing after years of not skiing turned out to be a blast!

I started from the yard and worked my way to field and even on the icy lake. It even helped me sleep better the following night. Time flew by but it was totally worth the trouble.

I’ve sacrificed my old hiking boots for the ill-fitting ski ties. They’re meant for rubber boots and the like, footwear with a shelf. Sort of. If you’re wearing the wrong kind of shoe, as I did, it’ll rub the fabric/leather and eventually you’ll have a hole in your shoe.

Skiing, for me, presents a few fundamental issues

You can blame yourself purchasing poor quality gear but weather conditions aren’t self-inflicted. Nowadays ski weather begins late and ends early. If you want to be sure there’ll be snow, you need to go way up North.

Skiing was a regular sport in school but there were a couple of variables that made it unpleasant for me: the hurry and the competition. I hate both.


In the woods and on the ice, as the lazy skier I am, I get to enjoy the experience in my own time. The best way to ensure this is to go alone.

I do own regular skis as well. My pear-like figure could use a sweaty outing so I’m trying to get the most out of these skiing conditions. I usually see the sun set from our office window. Which is why it’s great they light the ski trails at night.

I’m sure it’s easy to wax skis. I’ve applied gripping wax twice in my life and those skis belonged to my kid. I think it’s best to just take them to a professional next time.

I’ve lusted after skin based skis for a while now but I’ve yet to see any for a reasonable price. Someone suggested I go with fell skis but those aren’t exactly free either and perhaps not suited for such an amateur.

Do I have the possibility to make progress as a skier?

I suppose it’s a matter of practice. Slow and steady wins the race and with enough miles under my belt, who knows!

Maybe I’ll be one of those people who keep a sharp eye on the condition of ski trails this Fall.

When this post goes live, I’ll be on a Winter hike with other Outdoor Sisters. I’m also taking part in a course about Winter hiking later. I’m hoping for positive experiences and low temperatures.

Or I could go to ski school. That’s got to be nothing like skiing in school?


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