A three course meal over an open fire

We’re learning about cooking on an open fire and fortunately the school also provides test subjects for us.

The assignment was to arrange a campfire feast for a small group of ten plus some entertainment for a couple of hours near Museokämppä.

This gives us an excellent example about planning and preparation and how you should reserve time for both. We needed to do our homework, dot the I’s and cross the T’s, because our teacher intentionally gave us little time to complete this task.

We were very near the school at all times, so should we forget something, it wouldn’t be too far away. But we learned a valuable lesson – it’s a lot easier to fill an order if every detail has been premeditated and every surprise can be handled with grace.

We split into two groups: meal group and activity group. I was in the former so I’ll tell you guys more about that.

I preferred it that way because I felt like my weak spot is preparing campfire meals. Not necessarily when it’s with a bunch of friends but this was a minimum of ten strangers!

Event planning is more my forte but you need to step out of your comfort zone every once in a while.

The end result was fine, with something to improve here and there. But we got food on their plates and provided fun activities for them.

The main course was a customer request: flamed salmon and baked potatoes. We also made three different kinds of dessert, something for everyone. The final menu was as follows:

Starter: Barley crepes with smoked reindeer mousse and mushroom salad.

Main course: Flamed salmon with baked potatoes with cucumber tartar.

Dessert: ice cranberries with hot butterscotch dressing.

My job was to prepare the crepes but I also helped assemble every course.

The crucial part of any campfire meal is to make sure everything is prepared simultaneously. Each food has their own timeline but they all need to reach the goal at the same time. Pre-made ingredients serve their own purpose: fish, crepe filling and baked potatoes were prepared in the kitchen. On the fire we flamed the fish, made the crepes and put everything together.

The next client event would be in December 2016 and we practiced with tons of different meals among ourselves.

So it’s a craft one can master!


The photos of this post were taken by Teemu, one of our guest pens.


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