Mikonniemi lean-to

The night in Muuratsalo didn’t offer too many surprises. Unless you count the car almost getting stuck in snow, the sudden overcast weather, a fallen sledge in the woods and a broken headlamp.

In December Ulla asked us to join her for another overnight trip. We’d heard of the location before from coworkers and after studying the local map, we decided it would be a nice place to visit.

We were driving down the forest road late at night and after a panicky parking situation, we headed into the woods. Learning how to drive in more difficult situations is a good lesson for every adventurer.

It was pitch black. We didn’t have the exact location of the lean-to but we more or less knew where it was. So we dared to take a few chances and shortcuts. Eventually we found the trail leading up to the lean-to.

There was some firewood left behind by previous visitors but we used our own. We lit a fire and pitched our tents nearby. Why not sleep in the lean-to, I hear you ask? It was tiny. So very tiny and meant for sitting more than sleeping.

The weather wasn’t suitable for star photography on the account of all the clouds but we had fun none the less. We slept well even though we had to pitch our tents downhill.

The next morning dawned with clouds still in the sky but the pure serenity exuding from the scenery was enough to bring a smile on all our faces. What a lovely place to enjoy one’s morning coffee!


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