Juvéninkoski rapids: a better rest stop

There are plenty of nice places to park your car between Tampere and Jyväskylä. The photos in this post have been taken with the small powerhouse Canon Powershot G7X.

On a February Saturday morning we were heading out to see family and with all the outdoor meals and sandwich supplies in our apartment, we decided to have a picnic and Heikki got to choose where this would take place.

I assumed we’d stop at Kiviönniemi. I was wrong.

Heikki decided upon the Juvéninkoski rapids in Jämsä. I assume this wasn’t as popular a winter destination since there was no information available online.

There’s a small parking lot near the rapids, so we left the car and descended the stairs leading down between two beautiful mill stones. They served as tables as we enjoyed our sandwiches.

First plus came from fresh air and serene location. And food was excellent as well.

The real show started when we began playing a little game of “is that ice over the water or the path”. The ice had roared down like a waterfall.

We gradually went downhill and not having checked where the path is, I noticed we had gone down the smaller rapids adjacent to the main one. But we hopped from tree to tree so it was safe.

We peeked in between the ice and saw the roaring waters. A gaping hole into oblivion looked very uninviting.

I read about the place’s history from a few different sources. Finland’s Waterfalls website informed me about how it got its name.

In the olden times there used to be a mill and a ski factory here. They also used to float logs. The place was named after the ski manufacturer Heikki Juvén.

The waterfall must be a sight to see during spring with the ice melting and crashing down.

I can’t even imagine how pretty it is as a summer picnic location. The rapids have calmed down and at the other end, there’s a pond you can swim in.

The best break of spring aka #naturebreak

Do you have a favorite nature rest stop? We tend to move between Jyväskylä and Varkaus, Tampere, Sastamala, Vantaa, Lappeenranta and Lappi. We’d really appreciate any tips for rest stops between all of them because, no offense, we’ve seen enough gas stations.

Comment down below or use hashtags #luontotauko and #rinkkaputkenmatkassa (or #travelingwithlikelygonehiking).

Let’s find the best rest stops!

How to get to Juvéninkoski: make a turn from Highway Nine and type in Partalantie 194, Jämsä.

Oh! Also! Right next to this location they have two wool boot factories!


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