How does one pitch a tent in a 33 meters per second wind? And how does one try this out in Jämsä?

A different kind of school day started with us packing a Halti tent and driving to Himos.

Yeah? And then what?

How to, in short:

The tent is rolled up with the outer lining attached to the inner one and arcs intact. Keep a firm grip on everything or the wind will grab it. And don’t try this at home. Not that you’d randomly get your hands on a snowblower.

Attach the middle vestibule rope first. Carefully unroll the tent.

Attach the far end as well and make sure the tent is aligned.

Lock the arcs in place and screw the ends into the snow/ground. Tighten the ropes.

Jump in and enjoy!


The video is compiled of four different tent pitching.