Sunny Vaarunvuori

Vaaruvuori Nature Trail in Korpilahti was chosen as the next destination because we had driven past it an excessive amount of times.

For this very reason we visited our friend Merja’s place.

The trail isn’t long by any means, only about four kilometers long. The terrain is fairly easy to traverse even though it basically climbs uphill and offers glorious views. The landscape goes from logging fields to small ponds (Juonaanjärvi and Särkijärvi).

We found a small advent calendar at this one camp site. That day’s hatch revealed a small mouse.


A cartoon one, that is. Real ones had gone to town with a trash bag someone had left behind.

Blue dots lead us to a spectacular vista point. In addition to the view, we enjoyed our dogs sprints of joy, some tea and sunshine.

A couple of people and their dog came along as well, so we decided to leave. After the vista point we came across the most historically significant portion of the tour:

A busline was established here in the 30’s and apparently the driver and the passengers had to jump out of the bus to push it uphill. I’m not sure if this is true or not but that’s so the legend goes!


Sounds intense, I know! But it’s plausible since the road is straight, steep and really narrow. No buses have traveled here since the 80’s, though.

Middle Finland has such beautiful sceneries.


Other stories from Vaarunvuori (in Finnish):

Upe Nykänen, Jalkaisin.
Retkipaikka, Jussi Judin


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