Stormy nights of Hannukuru

I didn’t want to wake Heikki up just yet. After a day’s worth of harsh winds, the sun began to shine.

I took the scenery in, with no camera in sight.

Birches swung in the wind like crazy and the sun colored them in gold. It was 11 PM. The sun had no intention of going to bed and neither did I. It was too beautiful.

How can a storm rage on all day long and still I get to enjoy the last and first rays of the sun? I suppose it’s best when observed through a window. The wind might pick me up and fly me away.

Heikki woke up eventually. So we took a few photos!


We’re heading to another volunteer period in June, this time tackling said Hannukuru Wildrness hut. Major cleaning, paint jobs and photography.

Stories about being a National Park Pal.

Our first Lapland hike.

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