In a pinch, one can pitch a tent without arcs

We went to grandma’s to celebrate her birthday.

And as per usual, we wanted to sleep in the tent.

We stomped a path from the road to the center of the field and formed a tent-sized area. We spreaded the tent on the ground. This would be the easy part, since we remembered to-

The arcs.

You see, with the tent rolled up in the kitchen corner and the arcs and wedges in the bag next to it, one might grab on the bigger one along. I remember seeing the bag and acknowledging it but something in my brain went kaput.

But we had already stomped the path and the base so I refused to back down. “I suppose you sleep indoors now, huh?” said my mom, aunt, cousins, grandma and even Heikki. But I said no! Instead, I went looking for some rope.

I shoved my ski rods into the snow and made snow anchors out of logs. With an old string of rope found in the garage I suspended the tent between the rods and crawled in between the outer and inner lining.

The fabric seemed a little loose in the middle but other than that, I was really pleased with the contraption.


During the course of the night and the following morning we had the privilege of hearing the magnificent concert of all kinds of local birds, most notably a boreal owl and a woodpecker.

This emergency accommodation was tested in a safe environment and I’m happy with the result. The importance of extra will always stick with me as well.

Pros: birdsong, creativity, extraordinary air condition and shelter from the wind.

Cons: it was crooked! But it held up nicely, so keep that in mind when critiquing. But isn’t life such at times? A little crooked.


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