Chirpy chirp!

I swear I’m going to lose my mind. All these little birds sound exactly the same!

Just kidding, they sound nothing alike once you pay a little attention.

On our class, we need to learn 82 different kinds of birds and most of them should be recognized by their voice as well. And as if that’s not enough, we need to know a whole bunch of fishes, frogs, insects and arachnids. We’ve already covered mammals by now.

Knowledge of nature, what a fickle mistress.

This is the only subject that requires my full attention since I haven’t given it much thought after secondary school. I know the more common ones but 82 is a lot, you know?

I use the birdsong app Linrujen Äänet and Luontoportti for assistance. A huge help is the Museum of Middle Finland which is free of charge these days! I’ve visited it almost daily.

Come autumn, it’s time for vegetation and flowers. 124 flowers, six types of moss and 30 mushrooms and fungi. Should I survive this ordeal, I swear I’ll remember them for longer than last time. But I have to admit:

Birds are awesome. You feel a sense of peace when observing their flight patterns and appearance.

Until you start furiously trying to remember which tweeter, tube or boletus it was. Which is why you need to know them by heart. To achieve a more serene nature experience.



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