Conquering Peurunka on a fatbike

Last Wednesday we got a chance to test out fatbikes.

In collaboration with Versona.

I’ll be the first to admit that I consider myself to be a crappy winter biker. I ride my Jopo in the city until first snow and then I put the bike back into storage. So I was nervous to go offroad.

We each took our individual bikes and helmets and practiced on how to change gears properly.

The riding position and using hand breaks took its time to master. My Jopo has foot breaks, you see. But before long we arrived on a logging square and the open snow awaited!

We were all riding in circles and round and around. Heikki’s rear tire kept sinking into the snow so Timo, our instructor deflated it a little bit so it would have more surface.

The bikes glided on the snow without a problem but as soon as I put my foot down, it would go straight through. I might’ve tumbled over a few times.

After the logging square we headed downhill and onto the ice. It was slippery as hell but a lovely playground for horsing around.

The weather cleared up and created a beautiful phenomenon where half of the sky was sunny, half covered in clouds.

The moment when the clouds started to part, was magical. We decided we needed to stay and take some more photos.

Sometimes, with photography as the leading theme, things can get a bit dull. Not this time. We had two enthusiasts along, Heikki and a professional photographer Tero.

Our little playtime ended up captured in pictures and video form:

We headed back across the icy lake. Every turn was a potential fall but slow and steady wins the race, right?

Springtime is ideal for something like this! The change of weather conditions only add to the experience and when you get to ride on snow and glide on the ice, it’s a perfect way to spend a couple of hours.

Thank you, Timo, for arranging this incredible opportunity!

Peurunka is a nice starting point for a bike ride because after a long day on the saddle, you have a chance to relax in the spa. We should know, we walked to from Jyväskylä to Peurunka on the Metsoreitti trail. You can rent a fatbike for independent riding or you can book a guided tour for you and/or your friends. For more on this, chck out Versona’s home page.


Should you want to visit Peurunka from Jyväskylä, bus number 41 takes you straight there and back! Like I told Heikki on our way home, I love the public transport!


This article was created in collaboration with Versona Oy.

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