The Death Pit Mystery

At the Middle Finland Nature Museum it struck. The thirst for knowledge.

“The Death Pits”. Written on a tiny note on a round miniature model representing the Middle Finland fault line. During the ice age the glacier advance stopped here, receded and then continued on it’s way.

I’ve visited the museum plenty of times in the past few weeks to learn different kinds of birds and on the third time I stopped to really look at the map after my classmate said something about it. We pondered how the place got its name. Was it an execution pit from the war or a site of a larger accident? One theory is that game was chased into the pits and this is why they call it that.

So Death Pits sort of stuck in the back of my mind. So obviously we needed to go there.

These pits are located right behind Biltema in Jyväskylä. There’s a plethora of footpaths that circle them and a few that go across as well. These are clearly depicted in the map of the area.

The pits were formed when a glacier sunk in place and melted away. There’s a small one and a bigger one, right next to each other.

We ascended the muddy hill in the northwest corner of Biltema and started adventuring. It became clear very quickly that this place wasn’t unknown to locals. There were a couple of people walking their dogs.

The paths were almost exclusively frozen still. Which gave us an opportunity to check the pit in detail since no one in their right mind would slide down there. But we did.

There was something mystical about it. We had to drag our dog all the way down there.

It was dead quiet in the pit and even though a harsh wind swayed the trees upon the ridge , you couldn’t hear a thing down there. There was still a fair amount of snow in the bottom and the man-made footpath was the only thing that carried our weight.


A strange warm wind blew towards us as we ascended from the pit. Out of nowhere, a warm, summery breeze. It happened only once and we didn’t get an explanation as to what made it happen. Odd.

We walked around the edges and admired the setting sun. Another local destination for summer days! I wonder if we dare to spend a night here?


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