A climber returns to nature

Did you know that there are plenty of awesome outdoor workout spots all around Jyväskylä?

I didn’t but I attended a lecture about the city’s activity services, presented by Tuomas Rytkönen and Olli Koskinen of Athletica. A week later we joined their Street Workout demo at the strand of Tuomionjärvi Lake.

Because I see myself as clumsy and a bit weak, I skipped the gymnastics and instead learned a few “regular” moves. My agility will develop in time and after a while I get to try the tougher ones.

Exercising with your own body weight is suited for both indoors and outdoors, and for people of all ages.

The subject of today’s photos is Heikki, who was so in his element, he forgot he had a camera along. He loves climbing stuff and doing acrobatics.

Check this out:

The demo was hosted by four Athletica coaches and I’d like to thank them for the opportunity! They really knew what they were doing.

The warmup was a blast – first we stretched out our joints and did all kinds of funny moves.

The main point is not to succeed but to push your brain and brawn a bit.

Things didn’t get any easier when we wen to the sand to do all sorts of animal walks, culminating to the ameba walk which to me, felt more like a math problem than exercise. But we had fun!

After warmup they split us into four groups and we went through different exercises for the upper body, mid section and leg workout. And the gymnastics, of course.

It was amazing! We all felt an urge to start coming here more often.

How to get started?

The racks are located next to the tennis courts, near the beach. They’re there every day, waiting for you guys! There are also arranged exercise groups, kettlebell and Asahi classes.

Circuit training utilizes the different outdoor workout spots around town. They’re free of charge and don’t require prior notification.

This summer’s (May 15th to June 22th) schedules can be found here.


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