We’re collaborating with Retkipaikka in the Metsämme expo this weekend!

Today and tomorrow in Jyväskylä’s Paviljonki Likelygonehiking (as Rinkkaputki) will attend the Metsämme expo!

I’ll be in the greatest tent village in all the land to entertain people along with my tent buddy and classmate Elina and an mixed assembly of Retkipaikka stars.

So what are we doing there?

We teach people how to pitch a tent, pack a tube backpack – we talk about outdoor meals and travels and all that jazz! There are also a variety of different means of transportation present: fatbikes, a kayak and hiking gear!

We’re also hosting a little competition which requires more dexterity and agile fingers than actual survival skills but nevertheless, the best one wins!

Why are we here?

I happened to win an innovation competition hosted by the city council last fall. My idea was purely communal but I also took the commercial side into consideration by suggesting collaborations with various corporate parties.

One thing lead to another and before I knew it, I was organizing a whole section in the expo about next year’s theme, which is recreational use of forests. All this is in collaboration with Retkipaikka and others.

Come say hi!



April 21st to 22nd, Paviljonki Jyväskylä

Open on Friday 12-18, Saturday 10-16

No entry fee, more info at http://metsamme.fi/

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