Lapland summer – heat or snowfall?

It was our first time beyond the polar circle.

This post is a short reiteration of that journey. Mostly about the weather and gear. The whole story can be found under the tag Hetta-Pallas hike.

We had deciced on taking on Finland’s oldest and most popular hiking route back in winter. We went on our merry way in June.

The Hetta-Pallas trail is 55 kilometers long and during the summer it crosses a bunch of fells. But it’s nevertheless not too strenuous for amateurs.

There are wilderness huts, both vacant and ones you can book. We did 10 kilometers per day because we wanted to take in the scenery.

On the first day it was sunny and so warm

We had arranged for a boat ride across Ounasjärvi and for someone to drive our car to Pallas.

We wore long sleeved merino wool shirts and hiking trousers and hiking boots. For head protection we had Indiana Jones-esque hats. Everything else was packed in our rucksacks (list in the end).

We were anxious to start and nearly ran to our first pit stop at Pyhäkerö wilderness hut. There’s also a cafeteria but it’s open only during wintertime.

We roasted some sausages in the hut and basked in the sunshine.

We were so excited about our upcoming adventure!

We crossed our first fell under the blazing sun. There were small flowers everywhere!

In our first accommodation in Sioskuru wilderness hut we prepared dinner.

On the second day clouds started gathering and as we arrived to our next stop at Hannukuru, it started snowing!


This took us and nearly everyone else by surprise. Something like this doesn’t happen every day in June!

It snowed for two days straight and even with an extra rest day, we still had to keep going. Proper gear saved our butts.

It was, in its own way, an awesome experience because we felt so alive afterwards. If we had more time, we would’ve waited longer and I don’t encourage anyone to try this sort of thing out.


On the last day it had stopped snowing but the landscape had turned into a blotchy winter wonderland.

So, to answer the question presented in the title: yes.

We talk a big game about perseverance and tenacity but in reality, we just had proper attire.

In our previous posts from the North we go into more detail but here’s a list of all the things we carried with us:

Small first aid kit
Personal hygiene supplies
Food, two meals per person per day plus two extra meals per person
Porridge for breakfast
Coffee, tea and treats
Drinking water (there’s plenty of wells on the way)
Sleeping bag + sleeping pad
Small tent, just in case
Rain proof attire
Spare clothing
Knife, axe
Toilet paper
Map, compass
Pen and paper
Cell phones


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