Winter and/or spring hike in Leivonmäki

My brother asked me if Leivonmäki National Park is worth visiting.

Well duh! Hence commenced the Easter weekend getaway planning.

On our last time here, I noticed a path diverging south from the Koskikara trail. The sign said it was 3,1 kilometers to the Soimalampi lean-to but that’s incredibly incorrect. In fact, someone had written the correct number by pen on it, but it was barely visible. I’m no sure why it says 3,1.

The distance is about 8 kilometers.

So we took off. There were green trails and birdsong filled the air but that wasn’t the whole show, no sir.


We climbed the Matkusvuori hill and stopped to admire the view.

Admittedly parts of the trail were a bit tedious, walking down a forest road adjacent to logging squares for what seemed like forever.

But as soon as we entered the actual park area, we were swallowed by the forest and its moss and its green.

As we arrived to the lean-to, we debated if we should continue to Lintuniemi peninsula but since it’s the most popular destination in the park, we decided against it.

Come sundown, we made pancakes by the fire.


Soimalampi is a small pond but that didn’t stop the ice booming loudly throughout the night.

Heikki had his own photography project going on. Pretty cool shots, huh?


We slept in the following morning. Usually we’re in a hurry to keep going the next day but since the distance to the car was under three kilometers, I quickly shut my eyes the first time I opened them at around 7 AM.

On our way to the car I told the story about the craters formed around the trail, again. My companions were probably sick of them, but that didn’t stop me.

Soimalampi is an excellent day trip destination  or one for an overnight stay.

Car transport service from Rutalahti to Selänpohja?

My brother had to continue towards Helsinki and we needed to return to Jyväskylä, so what we did was leave one car to the Selänpohja parking lot and the other to the Rutalahti parking lot.

We don’t usually have two cars at our disposal but it helped this time around.

Easter was cold this year but the snow was mostly all melted away. It was 10 degrees below zero at night and five above during the day. So the terrain was dry and hence all our gear remained that way as well. A nice mixture of spring sun and cold!


This wasn’t our first time in Leivonmäki National Park:

First winter night in Soimalampi.

Koskikara Zen.


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