On free waters

A false sense of security.

That was on my mind after successfully kayaking without falling for thirty minutes on the Jämsänjoki river. The ice had melted away the previous day.

Kayaking is great fun but with borrowed equipment and on foreign waters you need to be careful. I noticed that a few times I lost my concentration and paddled a little too close to the kayak and it’s stuff like that that will tip you over.

So no, I’m didn’t quite ace the Eskimo turn yet.

I sometimes feel pretty ashamed to be the rookie in everything but I suppose everyone needs to start somewhere. I’ve used a canoe and a kayak a few years ago the last time. No trauma, not yet.

I was a bit worried about the icy water, though.


But in addition to fear I experienced a profound sense of freedom as I glided on the surface, with nothing holding me back and the open river as my road.

I also noticed that my earlier practice runs had been efficient and I understood the kayak better. Your whole body does the work.

This is a good start! Next week we head out for our summer hike in South-Konnevesi National Park!


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