A sort of meeting in Äijänniemi

I had agreed to spend an evening at a lean-to with our guest pen Anna Laakso, just us girls and we saved the date but not the place.

The calendar on my phone rang and since it’s in the calendar, it needs to happen!

Protip for all you busy bees out there: schedule your meetups weeks or months in advance.

Heikki joined us since he didn’t have anything planned and we needed our trusty photographer. Anna wasn’t too familiar with Jyväskylä so we got to decide the location and we chose Äijänniemi peninsula.

The boaters who were there before us were literally shocked to see people emerging from the woods.

You see, people usually go to Äijänniemi by boat but there is a wide forest road that takes you about 1,5 kilometers away from it.

On a sunny day, this place is fairly popular and we saw a handful of boats at the pier and another one a little later on. It didn’t get too crowded, though – there’s plenty of room for everyone.

After the first hellos the group of gentlemen at the lean-to offered us a cup of coffee and some pastries.

There were no firewood delivered on-site yet but we collected twigs and sticks and chopped the remaining logs. Some of the boaters had dry wood that they chose to leave for us!

We had a lot of fun and I even messaged Ulla to join us! And she did!

Heikki and I spent the night in hammocks and since the forecast didn’t mention rain, we didn’t need tarps.

The birdsong concert was phenomenal as the wind gently swayed our hammocks.

We might’ve not had the best night’s sleep but this little adventure was totally worth it. Our most loving thanks to Anna and Ulla – let’s do this again some day and let’s grab the rest of our guest pens along!

Oh and Heikki made a little video for our Rinkkaputki channel:

Directions to Äijänniemi:

If you go either on foot or by car, type Murtolahdentie 311 (41630 Jyväskylä) into Google Maps and right as you arrive to that address, take the right and drive/walk all the way to the end of the road and you’ll arrive at a turnaround where you can park your car. The path goes into the woods and it’s wide and easily traversed. Just follow it all the way to the lean-to. If you type Äijänniemi into Google Maps, it’ll take you there but through private properties.



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